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Cadaqués, CT. 17488

Festival Internacional de Fotografa de Cadaqués





InCadaqués invites you into the picture in order to experience photography.

Meet at the beach in the heart of Cadaqués. There you will find a giant camera set up on the sand. A side door says enter the darkroom. Welcome to a new world.

The village’s main square is the starting point for a surrealist adventure that will lead you through the steep and craggy back streets. The whitewashed walls are covered in photographs. Lose yourself in the village, dive into the works of art. No matter which path you follow you will return to the main square where it all began.

At dusk, while sipping a drink, you will meet the photographers that enchanted you. Browsing through their portfolios an image catches your eye. You want it, you need to take it away with you.

In the background music is playing. Time stands still. The night belongs to you.